Most people do not understand that there is a difference between commercial and industrial electricians as both professionals work in the same field. The concept and comparison of "commercial vs industrial electrician" might be unfamiliar to some. While skills used to work on electrical systems can be transferable, the approach required is not always the same. Not all electricians follow the "one-size-fits-all" approach. Additionally, the roles of commercial and industrial electricians can vary a lot.

Before hiring an electrical professional for your business, you should know the basic difference between commercial and industrial electricians. Both electrical specialists focus on specific areas and have different approaches to solve electrical problems.

This article will explain the basic difference between commercial and industrial electricians - their responsibilities and specializations.

Let's first understand,

What Is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians are skilled technicians who handle installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems in a commercial building. These skilled professionals work for standard commercial settings such as mixed use buildings, offices, restaurants, retail buildings, shopping centres, and other public buildings.

Commercial electricians' responsibility is to ensure that all electrical systems, appliances, and components of a commercial building are functioning optimally and safely. They also ensure the safety and complete operational capability of the commercial building's electrical system. In addition, commercial electricians can identify & minimize risk through periodic inspections & programmed maintenance.

Commercial electricians in Sydney must complete a Cert 111, undertake an apprenticeship, and become licensed to perform electrical work.

What Does a Commercial Electrician Do?

  • Installing new electrical apparatus
  • Rewiring of existing electrical systems and appliances
  • Repairing or maintaining lighting system
  • Considering local, state and national standards for wiring and electrical systems
  • Leading a team of electricians and training apprentices
  • Minimize risk & loss of production for the business manager by identifying possible faults before they happen

What Is an Industrial Electrician?

Industrial electricians are skilled professionals who handle all electrical needs of a manufacturing plant and industry. What is industrial electrician work? - These professionals work in plants and production facilities having complex, sensitive and expensive electrical systems. Industrial electricians also work for food processing, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, and mining industries. Manufacturing plants and other producing facilities have different power needs than commercial and residential buildings. Handling such an amount of power and electrical need requires the complete assistance of a highly qualified industrial electrician.

Industrial electricians are highly experienced with process equipment installation for several manufacturing industries. Wiring in an automotive production facility uses a different procedure than in a food processing plant. A skilled and experienced industrial electrician will understand each industry's different installation procedures, repairs, or services. These skilled technicians are also involved in the operation and control wiring of process equipment.

An industrial electrician in Sydney must complete a Cert 111, undertake an apprenticeship, and be licensed to perform electrical work.

What Does an Industrial Electrician Do?
  • Installing and maintaining electrical systems, components, and machinery in manufacturing processes and production
  • Testing and repairing electrical machinery in manufacturing plant and production facilities
  • Performing industrial wiring specific to the industry
  • Ensuring proper grounding of machinery

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