Australians have become very dependent on electricity as it powers almost everything we use at home and work. From our simple phone chargers or internet modem at home, to large commercial industries, our day to day lives cannot function without electricity. Our increased dependence on electrical appliances also means more significant problems when we have electrical faults that can cause disruption to our power supply.

If you want to avoid such disruptions, it is important you engage a qualified electrician to ensure the safety & reliability of your electrical installation. A good, reliable electrician can not only fix the problems if they arise (reactive) we can also identify & nullify the risks before they cause an unwanted loss of electricity supply (proactive). In this article you will read about the top 15 electrical problems people face at home.

Top 15 electrical problems people face

  • Electric surges : An electrical surge can occur at your home; this can be due to a lightning strike, damage to the power lines, issue with an appliance or wiring faults. Frequent electrical surge is most likely to do with faulty wiring or a faulty electrical appliance.

  • Switches fail to work : Like all mechanical parts, Switches & dimmers have a life expectancy. The more frequently they are used, the closer they are to failing.

  • Power dips : At times, it is not an issue of power loss; it might be a dip in the power that causes the appliances to malfunction. This can be caused by voltage drop if the main power supply to the house in undersized.

  • Fuses constantly tripping : Frequent tripping of the fuse or circuit breaker is a clear sign that there is a fault. This may be caused by an appliance or faulty circuit wiring.

  • Overloaded circuit : Many are familiar with the problem of circuit overload. This will happen if there are too many appliances being used at the same time. This can be rectified by installing additional wiring to split the load across multiple circuits.

  • Shock from wiring or appliances : Even the smallest electrical shock can damage your heart by putting it into an irregular rhythm. If you receive an electric shock from an appliance or electrical wiring, first consult your doctor then call a licensed electrician.

  • High electric bill : A spike in the electrical bill might be due to a new appliance or change of habit however, It could also be due to an electrical fault.

  • Excessive heat from appliances : If you notice excessive heat on a switch or power point, it is likely to be an issue with switch, the power point, or the wiring connection. Excessive heat & Sparking of switches and plugs are a clear indication that a bigger problem is about to arise.

  • Unusual electrical behaviour : Lights turning off or on by themselves or globes burning out too fast is a common sign of poor circuit wiring, and/or connections.

  • Exposed cable junctions, junction box : A junction is where the electrical wiring joins & T’s off in different directions. These cable junctions need to be concealed to protect people from electric shock. When there is an abundance of cable junctions, or the cable junctions are not property concealed, it is a clear indication that the wiring has not been carried out by a professional.

  • Flickering lights : Flickering lights can be caused by faulty wiring, faulty joins, or faulty electrical components. On the east coast of NSW & some parts of Queensland, flickering can also be caused by ripple control frequency.

  • Beeping smoke alarms : if you have a smoke alarm that is past its 10 year used by date, is not in service or has not been installed correctly, you are not currently protected if there is a fire.

  • Earthing issue : Earthing is the single most important part of an electrical installation. If you have poor earthing it can lead to electric shock and electrocution.

  • Lack of power points : The lack of power points often leads to the reliance on power boards & extension leads. The overloading of power boards is a huge contributor to house fires. This can be resolved by employing a qualified electrician to install additional power points.

  • No safety switch : Safety switches are designed to protect the end user by tripping off if there is a power leakage. If you are connected to the electrical supply (ie receiving an electrical shock) the safety switch will identify the power loss through your body & will switch off the power to the circuit.

Tips on fixing common electrical faults

For most electrical faults it is best to rely on the expertise of a professional electrician. For example, in the case where there is a power failure, it is best to first try to find the seriousness of the issue. In most cases, it might be a minor glitch or a tripped fuse. If it is a complete blackout, we suggest checking with your local supply authority to see if there is an electrical fault in your area.

The next step would be to call a qualified electrician. In the case where this occurs at night or after hours, you would need to call a 24 hour emergency electrician. WH Electrical Solutions are highly qualified residential electricians and offer a wide range of afterhours services. We are specialist domestic electricians in Sydney and can come to your assistance fast.

The electricians at WH Electrical are highly experienced and offer premium quality electrical services. We understand the importance of a perfectly running system and how minor electrical faults can turn into big problems. As the best domestic electrician in Sydney, we offer top-notch electrical services & will and take the time to understand your query.

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